Welcome to my blog.

This blog is intended to explore, and explain, my journey from illusion to truth, male to female.
It’s not solely a transgender specific blog. I write about my the whole of my life, about the way I see the world, the things that speak to me, the way the my life voyage changes me.

I have been keeping a journal on LiveJournal for the last few years, a place that has witnessed my transformation and growth. As my LiveJournal Friends can tell you, I do like to go on, and my wonderful partner C. has reminded me that a blog entry shouldn’t be too long, so I will try and be less verbose here.

No guarantees though.

One thing I must mention is that I wish for this blog to be public because I welcome people to witness my reality. Transgender people are still widely misunderstood, although that does seem to be changing as we get our voices out there, and I wish to create more awareness and illumination, at least of my own reality. I don’t purport to speak for others, I can only relate my own experiences and feelings. Everyone is different.

In being public I am aware I also leave myself open to intolerance and ignorance, and hateful, hurtful, abusive comments will be deleted and their authors cursed with an ancient wiccan spell. Those with genuine, honest questions, or who may inadvertently trigger me, have no worries. I only keep the curse for those who truly ask to have it enter their lives.

The rest of you get cookies. I’ll leave a plateful by the door. Don’t worry about the crumbs. The dogs will vacuum them up!


About transpacificgirl

I am a transwoman from B.C. Canada, in the middle of my life (I hope!). I'm also in the middle of the river, and this ride is wild. I work for a living, write for clarity, live for love and laughter.
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2 Responses to Welcome to my blog.

  1. Jack says:

    Wooo! I’m glad you’re sharing your wonderfulness with the world.
    And glad you’ll be deleting any ignorant abusive fools.
    Cookies yay 😀

  2. Lex says:

    Hey, very cool *looks around* . . . me likey . . . *takes a cookie* 🙂

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